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  • Genepi Organic Herbal Detox Tea 250ml

    In bed, when nothing works any more... 

    Since antiquity, Genepi has been used to relieve numerous ailments in many ways. Genepi is valued for its qualities as: - expectorant: to release mucous in the trachia and bronchial passages. - balsamic: to stimulate the digestive and respiratory tracts. - febrifuge: to lower fever. - soother: to promote healing of wounds and bruises - emmenagog: to stimulate menstrual flow but mostly known as a tonic (general restorative) and for its action against colds and flu. 

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  • Aromatic Verbena SERENITY Organic Herbal Tea 250ml

    Aromatic verbena is your ideal ally for relaxing after a wonderful meal. Universally known for its mild, slightly lemony taste, aromatic verbena is valued for its calming properties.

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  • Gentian Organic Herbal Detox Tea  250ml

    Well known by herbalists and widely used in phytotherapy, Gentian is an effective tonic that helps to fight fatigue and has a cleansing effect on the body.

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  • Juniper Organic Herbal Detox Tea 250 ml.

    Juniper berries are used in drinks for their antiseptic, tonic and diuretic properties. In cases of mild irinary problems, they facilitate excretion of water by the kidneys, have an anti-inflammatory action and protect against urinary tract disorders.

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    Anise, also called green anise, is widely used in pastries, confectioneries and drinks. This medicinal plant which has a protective effect on the stomach also acts on the entire digestive system to relieve stomach pain, bloating and flatulence, and as a waistline flattening aid.

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