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    Organic Forest Heather

    Enjoy Forest Heather chilled, with ice. Its sophisticated taste and earthy aroma are a perfect enticement for conversation by an open fire. 


    Fresh organic wild plants (heather, yarrow), mountain spring water, organic cane sugar, organic alcohol. The spring water used in the process is drawn from the heart of the Chazette, more than 1300m above sea level, producing the highest quality water, with no chemical treatment, and naturally rich in minerals.


    2.9g per 100 grams


    8° to 22° Proof


    Chazette Estate exclusively.

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    Organic Mountain Flowers
    Enjoy Mountain Flowers chilled, in champagne, sparkling wine or prosecco for a floral and original kir royale to share with family or friends.

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  • Organic Vervain

    Enjoy this very-low-alcohol Vervain as an aperitif or digestive over ice, or diluted with sparkling or tonic water. Sheer delight for enlightened connoisseurs.

    Organic Vervain

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  • Organic Gentian Delight

    We take the greatest care to select the very best gentian and chicory roots. Known for its aromatic richness, Gentian Delight unveils its character on the tongue, blending the strong tones of chicory with the bitterness of gentian.

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